Roadside Therapy - 1st class athlete care from start to finish line!

We are very happy and excited to be an affiliated therapist with Roadside Therapy, who supply 1st class athlete care from start to finish line on multi-day cycle challenges. See my listing below

Also read my recent blog on my Guilford to Amsterdam ride I supported this month

Lunch Stop somewhere in Belgium on day 2!

Lunch Stop somewhere in Belgium on day 2!

Guildford to Amsterdam Baby!

Hitchin Massage Therapy have been out on the road again, this time representing Roadside Therapy on Club Pelotons Guildford to Amsterdam cycle challenge. This ride takes on 4 countries in 4 days covering a distance of 650km in total. We were on hand every pedal stroke of the way to support the riders as they made their way across land and sea - final destination Amsterdam! 

The weather, road surfaces and elevation changed vastly from country to country, with the rolling hills of Surrey to the pancake flat fields of Holland. It's safe to say after a few days in the saddle the riders were in need of some attention, sore legs, shoulders, neck and lower back we had our work cut out. Spirits were high and every day we started the ride with a warm-up to keep joints mobile, get the blood flowing and diminish stiffness. Nutrition and hydration were constantly flowing throughout each day as some of the riders were not used to the mileage and needed to keep the energy high. Each day ended with applause, a well needed stretch out, applause and an even more deserved cold bottle of beer. 

We had a mechanic on hand to keep everyones bike running tip top and looking sparkling clean each day, amazingly there was only 1 x puncture of whole trip, but there were replaced brake pads, new gear cables, gear problems and seat adjustments as the bikes ( and the riders ) bedded into the long days on the road. 

What a fantastic way to see new countries, take on a new challenge and network with new people. It was a great trip all round and a chance on get some hands-on experience with multi-day events. Shout out to Roadside Therapy, Club Peloton and Completely Events! See you at the next one X x 


The Race is ON!


We have been away racing the last two weekends. Bank holiday weekend we were in North Wales for the Welsh Enduro Series at Penmachno and this weekend we were going cross-country style in Mud Sweat and Gears Series at Hadleigh Olympic Park.

It has been great putting my riding to the test and testing out my fitness and bike skills in a race scenario. My weakness is my race pace and really pushing myself to the limit, which is something I will work on (with more racing!). But the atmosphere at events is unbeatable, a real mix of nerves, competition, excitement and determination, believe it or not you can make good friends on the start line. Whether it be your first event or whether you’re a weekend warrior entering events is a fast way to improve, race against people of similar ability, learn race techniques and be part of a fitness family whatever your sport maybe. Following some simple pre and post race rules will ensure you arrive and leave your event feeling your best.


·      Build your fitness up gradually in the weeks leading up to your race.

·      Pack for your race the day before, so you can relax.

·      Rest the day before your event.

·      Give yourself lots of time to arrive and sign in.

·      Warm-up adequately on the day before your event.


·      Getting a massage post-event helps to normalize the tissues.

·      Post event cool-down is essential.

·      Rehydrate and refuel appropriately.

·      Make sure you celebrate!

Spring Break!

Hitchin Massage Therapy was out on the road at the weekend taking a well deserved break and enjoying the surprise spring weather in beautiful Wales. We tested out the camper van for the first time this year and sampled some of the best mountain bike trail centres Wales has to offer, including Llandegla and Coed y Brenin. The Snowdonia National Park was the setting for our campsite and the perfect spot for a little R n' R. The terrain was a little harder going than we're used to in Hertfordshire and by the third day our bodies were feeling it, sore arms, shoulders and bums! Coed y Brenin is home to the oldest mountain bike trail in the UK and is built in the old style, meaning a lot of steep fire road and technical descents. It was so great to get out in the fresh air and take in the awesome scenery as well as test our technical skill and build on endurance. This was great training for our Enduro race in August, which means lots more to come, hopefully we'll be going back soon. 

Spring is coming.... It's nearly Race Time!

So, the evenings are getting longer and the mornings are lighter, finally! There is more opportunity and incentive to get out and train and perhaps even enjoy it. Ok, so maybe it's not quite time to put the base layers away yet, but, it is nearly time to put those long months of winter training to the test! I was out at the weekend doing Event Work with there Amber Health Crew at the Baldock Beast half marathon. We were there to provide post race massage for the 400+ runners. Most spring marathons are taking place in April and there were a lot of competitors making this part of their training programme, and there were some dedicated people pushing hard and smashing PB's that day! With 8 weeks to go until race day, this is the most integral time NOT to pick up an injury, especially when those long runs will leave you feeling the effects. Make sure you follow these basic steps in avoiding injury and taking yourself to race day feeling your best. 

Cool down, Stretch, dehydrate, refuel, ice any niggles/sore areas to support muscles recovery, allow the next day to rest or use as a recovery day, always see a therapist when pain persists. 

Good luck to those Marathon training! It is an emotional and challenging commitment to take on, so make sure you enjoy the day and think how far you have come!

For any free advise, don't hesitate in contacting me :D 

2016! The Year of YOU!

We hope that you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy some time to relax and some time out! We managed to get away for a few days road trip in the Campervan to the Lake District, sampling some of the UK's finest MTB trail centres on the way! It was a treat for us to ride some tricky terrain whilst taking in some of the most spectacular scenery with great friends! Bliss! We are taking part on a MTB Enduro event in Yorkshire which will be over similar terrain, so it was a great chance to hone our technical skills and by the third day of riding we had got into a sweet routine of ride, eat, sleep! The torrential rain ( aka Hurricane Frank ) and our aching legs put a swift stop to our demi-paradise and we were back in the van on the way home with happy memories and feeling hungry for more riding. Whether you love running, swimming, walking or yoga, there is an exercise for everyone - and that doesn't mean you need to become a gym bunny. Studies show you're more likely to stick to something that you enjoy, so its important to take up something that gives you a genuine boost.

January comes around and often we feel pressure, to loose weight, detox, change our routines and becomes a 'new you'... realisticaly how long does this last and is it what you really want?! Think of the things that make you happy and bring out the best in you, whether it be spending time with friends, reading a book, walking, or even cooking.

You probably don’t need reminding why regular exercise is good for you - it enhances your mood, decreases stress,  decreases your risk of some cancers and prevents osteoporosis as well as more and more.

Ultimately being happy is the goal and this will shine through in your physicality, mentality and improve your well being.