Guildford to Amsterdam Baby!

Hitchin Massage Therapy have been out on the road again, this time representing Roadside Therapy on Club Pelotons Guildford to Amsterdam cycle challenge. This ride takes on 4 countries in 4 days covering a distance of 650km in total. We were on hand every pedal stroke of the way to support the riders as they made their way across land and sea - final destination Amsterdam! 

The weather, road surfaces and elevation changed vastly from country to country, with the rolling hills of Surrey to the pancake flat fields of Holland. It's safe to say after a few days in the saddle the riders were in need of some attention, sore legs, shoulders, neck and lower back we had our work cut out. Spirits were high and every day we started the ride with a warm-up to keep joints mobile, get the blood flowing and diminish stiffness. Nutrition and hydration were constantly flowing throughout each day as some of the riders were not used to the mileage and needed to keep the energy high. Each day ended with applause, a well needed stretch out, applause and an even more deserved cold bottle of beer. 

We had a mechanic on hand to keep everyones bike running tip top and looking sparkling clean each day, amazingly there was only 1 x puncture of whole trip, but there were replaced brake pads, new gear cables, gear problems and seat adjustments as the bikes ( and the riders ) bedded into the long days on the road. 

What a fantastic way to see new countries, take on a new challenge and network with new people. It was a great trip all round and a chance on get some hands-on experience with multi-day events. Shout out to Roadside Therapy, Club Peloton and Completely Events! See you at the next one X x