2016! The Year of YOU!

We hope that you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy some time to relax and some time out! We managed to get away for a few days road trip in the Campervan to the Lake District, sampling some of the UK's finest MTB trail centres on the way! It was a treat for us to ride some tricky terrain whilst taking in some of the most spectacular scenery with great friends! Bliss! We are taking part on a MTB Enduro event in Yorkshire which will be over similar terrain, so it was a great chance to hone our technical skills and by the third day of riding we had got into a sweet routine of ride, eat, sleep! The torrential rain ( aka Hurricane Frank ) and our aching legs put a swift stop to our demi-paradise and we were back in the van on the way home with happy memories and feeling hungry for more riding. Whether you love running, swimming, walking or yoga, there is an exercise for everyone - and that doesn't mean you need to become a gym bunny. Studies show you're more likely to stick to something that you enjoy, so its important to take up something that gives you a genuine boost.

January comes around and often we feel pressure, to loose weight, detox, change our routines and becomes a 'new you'... realisticaly how long does this last and is it what you really want?! Think of the things that make you happy and bring out the best in you, whether it be spending time with friends, reading a book, walking, or even cooking.

You probably don’t need reminding why regular exercise is good for you - it enhances your mood, decreases stress,  decreases your risk of some cancers and prevents osteoporosis as well as more and more.

Ultimately being happy is the goal and this will shine through in your physicality, mentality and improve your well being.