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'I enjoy working with my clients to build strong relations in order to help them achieve their goals. Tailoring treatment plans to meet individual needs is fundamental'

How Can We Help You?

Sports and Remedial massage has a wide range of benefits for people who do not have specific injuries, including:

·       Pain reduction

·       Occupational / Posture related aches and pains.

·       Upper and lower back pain.

·       Tension headaches and migraines.

·       Stress relief and sleep problems.

·       Muscular tension.

Regular massage treatment comes hand in hand with any training programme, in order to address any tension, restrictions or muscular imbalance before injury is established. Sports and Remedial Massage offers benefits for everyone, from the amateur sports person to the elite athlete. It can also be beneficial for those suffering from occupational or posture related pain as well as to maintain health and wellbeing. 

The long term affects of massage, normalise the tissues so that the client remains injury-free and able to achieve their goals. Whether the goal be to get through your first marathon, return to fitness after an injury or find the cause of that persistent lower back pain.


Clemmie studied Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy at the North London School of Sports Massage achieving a BTEC Level 5 in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy.  

‘‘I became interested in sports massage after joining local triathlon club Team Trident and picking up an ankle injury after increasing my training load. I wanted to learn more about preventing injury and making myself stronger and more adaptable to changes in exercise.’’

‘‘I approach each treatment by taking into account both what the patient is telling me and what their body is telling them. Sometimes the most important information is given to the therapist through the tissues. Having good detective skills and intuition to the soft tissue is very important.’’

 ‘‘Other therapists and my patients influence me to be open and continue to learn more as my career develops. Each individual brings a new challenge.’’

 The most important advise I can give to my patients is to give your body time! Time to rest, time to recover and time to improve!                                                                 



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Customer Testimonials

 Clemmie is an excellent massage therapist and I would highly recommend her services for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. She got me back to race fitness in time for an important race when I was suffering from calf and ITB issues, and massage is now an integral part of my fitness regime.' 
- Tony, Duathlete, Hitchin
'I saw Clemmie when I was away competing in the Mountain Bike Enduro World series. She managed to help a number of problems I had out there with muscle tightness making sure my body was fit for racing. I now make sure I see her every few weeks to make sure my body is in tune and ready for my bike riding.'
- Tom Dowie, Pro MTB/4X Rider and Coach
'Clemmie is a really great massage therapist. Every session I've had she's tailored it to my needs at the time. Her massages have been firm and great at getting knots out but she always checks it's not too firm! She's really professional and I'd recommend her to anyone.'
- Vicky, Runner, Hitchin
'Really good massage by Clemmie yesterday. Very focused on the worst pain points. Can't wait to have my second session.'
- Sudesh, Hitchin
'Clemmie is very professional in her approach, making sure she gets a full history before starting. I saw her a couple of times recently after I fell off my bike and she worked wonders. Good strong massage which really hit the spot and excellent advice for how to help myself at home by stretching. And what's more, she's really friendly'
- Sarah, Cyclist, Hitchin  
'I have suffered for some time with back and shoulder pain that flairs up frequently. Clemmie has really helped me to understand the route of the problem and what I can do to keep it at bay. Also, when I have just needed the pain to go she has been great at getting right to the spot and sorting it out.' 
- Alice, Ashwell 


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