Enduro World Series

Hitchin Massage Therapy is going global! We headed to Samoens over the weekend for the action-packed Enduro World Series. We were on hand to supply event massage for the riders over the 2-days of racing in the stunning French Alps. 

The weather was glorious and the riding was out of this world. We were rubbing shoulders with the Pro's in the massage tent as well as following the stages over the 2 days.

The Enduro World Series offered great hands-on experience at a Pro event, the best part was talking to the riders and getting their different experiences. The most common complaint from the riders was 'Arm Pump' caused by over-gripping the handlebars, heavy breaking and taking the shock/suspension through the hands and forearms. Soft tissue work releases the tension though the forearms / wrist to reduce chronic pain, self massage can be used in between races or rides to reduce the build up and relax the muscles yourself, working on strengthening your core will put less stress on the forearms during a ride. 

Can't wait to do more of this, there is nothing quite like the buzz at an event and being the first point of call for the riders. The next Europe leg of the Series is in Spain and then finishes in Italy- follow the action!