Cycling Injuries & Bike Fit!

I recently headed over to Clitheroe in Lancashire for a 2-day workshop on Cycling Injuries & Bike Fitting. Over the recent years cycling has increased in popularity for all ages, abilities and genders. This resurgence has resulted in a significant increase in cycling activity, with a corresponding increase in cycling related overuse injuries. As a result, the demand for effective science based Bike Fitting and effective management and prevention of cycling related overuse injuries has increased. The aim is to help understand the causes, treatment and prevention strategies to help deal with cycling related overuse injuries.

Research demonstrates that an incorrect Bike Fit adversely affects cycling comfort, performance and increases the risk of overuse injuries. Research also highlights the importance of examining both man and machine if we are to successfully diagnose and manage overuse injuries. Bike fitting to help gap the bridge between clinical and mechanical when treating cycling related injuries.  The key intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors associated with both Man and Machine relating to injury and/or loss in performance. 

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